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Welcome to Episode: your home for interactive, visual stories, where YOU choose your path!
If you haven’t checked it out yet, start reading MEAN GIRLS: SENIOR YEAR! Step inside girl world, right where the Mean Girls movie left off, and navigate the drama and romance of Senior Year at North Shore High. As you battle Regina George, you will get to know characters from the Mean Girls movie like Cady, Janis, Damian, and of course the Plastics. You will also meet the guy of your dreams, but Regina won’t let you get him that easily. What choices will you make Senior Year? And is ‘Fetch’ finally going to happen?
• CREATE YOUR PERSONAL LOOK and choose your best outfits!
• FLIRT your way to the top and find love!
• MAKE FRIENDS WITH MEAN GIRLS CHARACTERS and hang out with the coolest clique!
• PARTY at prom with your hot date and meet new friends at the after-party!
Explore our wide catalog of over 20,000 stories in your favorite genres, from romance to comedy to fantasy to adventure!
• INTERACTIVE STORIES: make choices that determine your success, friends, path to love, and popularity!
• FIND ROMANCE by dating and fall in love!
• UNRAVEL mysteries and survive the dangers that lie ahead!
• DRESS your character and choose the style that will help you express yourself!
New Season! DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME – In Season 3: Confidently Me, you star in your very own tour! After winning a spot on Demi’s tour in Season 1 and touring the world as Demi’s opening act in Season 2, it’s time to embrace your true self and define your dream career. As Demi shares her advice on taking control of destiny, what choices will you make as you become a role model for aspiring stars?
• JOIN DEMI in an interactive story where your choices determine who you meet, the friends you make, the people you date and how you rise to the top of the charts!
• DESIGN YOUR CHARACTER! Pick your perfect hair, skin tone, eyes, nose, and more!
• DRESS LIKE A STAR! Create your style from hundreds of options!
• FIND LOVE! Will you date famous, hot musicians or the friend-next-door? How will you discover romance?
• VISIT AMAZING CITIES where you’ll perform shows with Demi and earn dedicated fans!
• HANG OUT WITH DEMI, her band, manager, and friends! Hear their stories!
• EXPERIENCE DEMI’S MUSIC! Listen to her songs as the soundtrack to your story and perform them on-stage alongside Demi herself!
MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND: Emily’s new roommate is the most conceited and flirtatious guy in school. Can she get him out before he wins her heart? Will they fall in love against all odds? How will your choices decide their romance?
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Episode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.comEpisode feat. Mean Girls | Apkplaygame.com

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