Tag After School

Tag After School is new Android game which has gained popularity among mobile gamers due to its intense and interesting gameplay. In this game you play as a school kid who likes adventure and exploration after school.

One day you discover an abandoned building which you try to explore more and more after school. Soon you’ll discover there are ghosts, spiders, bats and other deadly creatures. Tag After School gives horror game feel while maintaining intense gameplay and a lot to discover.

Tag After School apk

Tag After School
  • Version: 2.1
  • Size: 21Mb
  • Requires: Android 5.0+
  • Updated: 9 May 2023

Tag After School apk is Android version of the game which is still under development, so it isn’t available in Google Play Store but you can download it as apk file for free.

Download Tag After School apk

You can download Tag After School apk for free, just click on the button above. As game is newly released it requires at least Android 5.0 to run. When download is complete, you can install it as normal apk, no cache/obb or mod apk needed.

Tag After School gameplay

Tag After School is a Japanese horror game whith cartoon style graphics and anime style characters what makes this horror game arcade style fun to play. You can play in offline single player mode, missions and story mode, time-attack mode or try your luck in online multiplayer mode against other mobile gamers from both Android and iOS.

The gameplay is very simple with easy controls. You play with different characters, with different powers and abilities, you can tag in new characters as needed and collect power-ups and trophies. As you start game you play as Shota-Kun and you can unlock more characters and heroes as game progresses.