JUWA is an online casino platform that offers a wide variety of casino games, including spins, slots, table games, card games, fish gmes and live casino games. Juwa is a very popular platform among online gamblers due to its user-friendly interface, easy to use features and extensive game selection suited for every taste.

The word Juwa is “Urdu” origin name and it means gambling, so even name suggests what it is all about. As anyone can play many mini-games including popular online fishing and fish games in general, Juwa become popular worldwide including countries like USA, Canada and United Kingdom

JUWA 777

Juwa 777 is name for Juwa app which is available for Android devices. As most of players nowadays use mobile smartphones and PC is less used every day, developers decided to create Juwa 777 app for mobile so it is easier to access any time and you can easily play even on the go.

As iOS is more restricted, right now there is no Juwa 777 app for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad but if you are Android usrryou can download Juwa 777 app for any Android device whenever it is phone or tablet. Just make sure you have good quality active internet connection as Juwa Casino 777 Online is available only when you’re connected to internet. 4G/5G or WiFi is recommended but fast 3G connection will also do fine.


Juwa 777 apk

If you want to play Juwa on mobile or tablet you need to download Juwa 777 apk and install it manually as original Juwa app is not available in Google Play Store. There are many apps and games in Play Store with same or similar name but they aren’t genuine apps, so you need to download apk.

JUWA Apk details:

  • Version: 1.0.50 – Latest original version
  • Size: 38Mb
  • Requires: Android 5.0+
  • Updated: 18 Jul 2023
  • Package name: com.juwa.dianwan

After you download Juwa apk and install it, you still need to download some additional files for your device, so make sure you have few additional free space and mobile data for cache download.

Download Juwa 777 apk

After you click download button above, Juwa 777 download will start. Make sure you understand that Juwa is online casino app and requires additional verification via ID photo before you can create account and login.

How to install:

Juwa 777 apk app installation is really easy and fast on Android as you don’t need any cache or obb download, special permissions or root to sideload Juwa apk on your Android smartphone. Simply, follow these steps:

  1. Download Juwa apk by clicking download apk button above
  2. Wait for download to fully finish and click on downloaded apk file
  3. If your device asks, allow installation of apk files from unknown sources(safe in this case)
  4. Review all permissions and proceed with install process if acceptable
  5. After the app is installed, open it, wait 2 mins for additional cache download and login with your Juwa account

Juwa 777 features

As Juwa 777 is one of the most popular online casino app for mobile devices, it comes with some really good features. Inside Juwa app you can play many mini games including classic arcade style games, new casino & slot games, dice & reels game, traditional casino card games, online sweepstakes, fish shooting games where you can hunt and shoot different ocean creatures like fish, sharks, octopus, delphin, big fish, lobster, sea star and many more..!

Each of the games have their own rules, rewards system and difficulty levels, suitable for everyone starting from new users to experienced gamers and gamblers who are looking for high rewards and prizes. You can win rewards on all games and increase your earnings with high variety of online games in Juwa mobile app.

Juwa games come with nice graphics and fun to play gameplay that makes wining even more fun! The app has nice modern UI which is easy to navigate even for novice users. It also comes nice, engaging sounds that makes playing even more entertaining.

Safety and security is another big reason why Juwa has become so popular among gamplers. You get undistracted, safe gaming experience with minimum risk of scam or hacking, so your earnings and account is always safe and legal unlike many shady online casino apps.

Another reason why everyone love Juwa casino is its promotions and bonus system. You can get bonus for playing daily, earn more with participating in online tournaments and increase your earnings. As you signup, you get 20$ welcome bonus when you enter promo code and you can earn additional bonuses each time you withdraw money. So you can expect a lot of free bonus when you download Juwa 777 app.

Easy withdrawal and filling is also what makes Juwa 777 great online casino app for mobile or even PC/Mac. You can easily upload money via Cash app, PayPal or local bank as well as redeem your virtual money for real cash and get it on your credit card or bank account. Daily withdrawal limit is 150$ for new users but may increase for long time users with higher earnings and wins.

Juwa 777 games

Juwa 777 app has wide variety of online casino games that keeps users engaged and entertained even for hours. There you can find all classic casino games as well as newer and recent games not available in most other online casino apps.

Juwa games list:

  • Crazy Monkey
  • Hexsa Hero
  • Dragon Fighting
  • King Kong
  • Prince of Persia
  • Pink Panther
  • Hercules
  • Colorful Orchad
  • Life or Luxary
  • History of Athens
  • Grador
  • Kimptons
  • Vegas 7’s
  • Sirius Stars
  • Safari Rides
  • President 45
  • Fruit Slots
  • Crazy 7
  • Fruit Mary
  • Blazing 777
  • Buffalo 777
  • Vampire Queen
  • Superball Keno
  • Panda Fortune
  • Golden Dragon
  • Zombie Paradise
  • Haloween Night
  • Triple Seven
  • Happy Hour

Juwa 777 Screenshots

Gameplay video:

YouTube player

Juwa 777 online

Juwa 777 is a online casino that you can play using Android app, however unlike Fire Kirin and other online casino apps, Juwa 777 doesn’t have web version, so you can’t play it in a web browser on a Windows desktop PC or Mac Laptop.

However, if you don’t have any Android device or simply want to play Juwa on PC/Mac, you can still do it with the help of Android emulator software. You can use Bluestacks or any other Android emulator of your choice to run and play Juwa 777 on Windows or MacOS.

Rated 4.6 – 16 times