• Version: 11.0
  • Size: 62Mb
  • Publisher: Instaflow app
  • Requires: Android 5.0+

Download Instaflow apk

Instaflow Instagram app is not available in Play Store but you can download free apk above!

How to install:

Instaflow is a small Android app which doesn’t require cache or anu additional files. Just download apk above and install it as normal apk.

About Instaflow

Instaflow app is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your Instagram followers and get more engagment for your IG account. With this Instagram mod you can easily grow your audience and fans, get new followers, comments, likes and even shares thanks to Instaflow apk for Android.

Instagram is one of the most popular social network in the world but its algorithm has made it super hard to grow new Instagram accounts and channels without spending a lot on advertising. Now Instaflow is here to change it and help you grow your IG channel or profile without paid ads.

Using app like Instaflow to increase your social media followers, friends and engagment is 100% safe method if done right. You don’t need to worry about Meta banning you or any account violations as Instaflow v11 is safer than ever! You just need to download latest Instaflow apk and make sure you’ll not get all likes and followers all at once and will grow slowly daily.

Instaflow features:

As you already may know Instaflow has many advantages over other similar apps or services. Some of the best features includes auto follow/unfollow service which saves you time and makes your day easier.

Another beloved feaure of Insta Flow is that you can clone mode and do even more with Instaflow clone to grow fast on social media. When you download apk on Android mobile or tablet you can install additional clone app that you can use for your other Insta accounts so you can get progress to multiple accounts.

Auto unfollow is another great feature which lets you unfollowing accounts automatically when you hit 75000 limit of followings. The best part is, those users will not be notified that you unfollow them so you can be sure you’ll not get unfollows on your account!

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