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In Ultimate Spider-Man Total Mayhem apk everyone’s favorite Marver superhero – your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city!
Spider-Man will have to make use of all of his superhuman abilities to protect New York from the worst Super Villain breakout the city has ever experienced.
Stop the Super Villains’ chaos and mayhem before they can take over the city and spread a deadly virus by racing against time! Modern gameplay and animations in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem capture all the excitement, humor, and enjoyment of the Ultimate series.
Do you feel up to the task?


  • Take advantage of Spider-Man’s exceptional agility and superpowers in more than 20 fighting combos for ultra-dynamic action.
  • Control the chaos by using Spidey’s agility to control challenging platforming and timed events.
  • Are you in a bind right now? To drive away danger, activate Spidey’s unique attack, the Ultimate Web Combo!
  • Use your Spider-Sense to spot potential threats and position yourself for a successful counterattack!


  • Participate in an Ultimate Spider-Man comics-inspired plot: Scientists from Roxxon, hidden inside the Triskelion facility, secretly try to improve Venom by fusing it with OZ Serum. A piece of the Triskelion is destroyed as a result of the explosion, allowing some of Spider-Man’s most formidable adversaries to flee. The Oz-Venom synthesis, which was released in the explosion, has also started to infect people all throughout the city!
  • Face off against Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr. Octopus, and Green Goblin, six of Spider-Man’s fiercest foes who have been assembled in one game for unprecedented mayhem!
  • The Ultimate Spider-Man universe comes to life in your hands thanks to a modern graphic design, striking colors, and stunning animations, including slow motion.
  • With our photography mini-game, you may record your best battle maneuvers for your buddies while the action is intense. To unlock comic art from the Ultimate Universe, look for collectibles.


  • Explore 12 levels in distinctive New York City settings as seen in the comic book series. Fight from the underground to the rooftops and back again!
  • City exploration in the Spider-Man style! Cling to the walls, scale them, and then perform unforgettable aerial sequences by jumping, web slinging, or sliding from one rooftop to another. Re-visit all levels with your new abilities, fueled by the enigmatic Symbiote material, after unlocking the Black Suit.

Ultimate Spider Man Total Mayhem apk reviews

“Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is fantastic fun, offering the speed and variety of a top notch action game with the vibrant colour and characters of a great comic book” – PocketGamer 9/10 GOLD AWARD

“This is a deep game with an incredibly fluid and fun fighting mechanic, that offers something new and different around every corner. It has plenty for everyone, whether you’re a fan of the web-slinger, or beat ‘em ups, or gaming in general.” – SlideToPlay 4/4 MUST HAVE

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Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem | Apkplaygame.com
Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem | Apkplaygame.com
Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem | Apkplaygame.com
Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem | Apkplaygame.com
Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem | Apkplaygame.com
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