School Girls Simulator

Download size: 79Mb
Version: 1.0(20)
Requires Android: 3.0 & Up


You can experience “school girl life”, attend the class, buy sweets and talk with classmates.
Additionally, The zombies are coming, so please repel to protect your friends.
Becoming a zombie when attacked by zombies !
(If you dislike zombies, try no zombie new game button.)

Witnesses will report to the teacher when you are attacking classmates.
The teacher who received the report will follow you.
When you are caught by teachers and the game is over.
In order not to be known to the teachers, please do not send eyewitness or remove witnesses.
They can not see what happened behind the scenes.
(When a zombie is in the vicinity, it is regarded as an “accident” )

* How to game
Drag left side of screen : move to main character
Drag right side of screen : move the point of view of the main character

Easy as operation buttons are displayed on the screen even if you do not remember them.

Button B: Crouch: Move by dropping your knees.
Button X: Kick attack / Weapon attack
Button Y: Message friends to follow me/Call me/ByeBye/Spawn yourself
Button R: Fly (flight movement)
Button L: See Information of yourself or a classmate.

Button A changes depending on the situation.
Since it is displayed as “(A) SitDown”, you can act on messages by pressing “A button”.

TALK: Conversation (praise or disparaged) / You can pass your item.
PICKUP: Pickup falling item / Take away classmate has
ITEM MENU: Drop, Throw,and Eat(Drink).
DRAG: Can move by pulling dead body or a classmate(living).
DROP: Can separate item or classmate or zombie.
RIDE: Ride on bike or motorcycle.
GETOFF: Getoff bike or motorcycle.

There are attack ways to use with the weapon(X button) and to throw(drop) a weapon.

Setup: Setting game options
Share: Share game image and message with social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
Home: Return to home menu (You can save the game status in Setup.)

* School timetable
1st study 8:00 ~ 8: 30
2nd study 9:00 ~ 9: 30
3rd study 10:00 ~ 10: 30
4th study 11:00 ~ 11: 30
Lunch break 11:30 ~ 13: 00
5th study 13:00 ~ 13: 30
6th study 14:00 ~ 14: 30
Club time 14:30 ~ 18: 00
Leaving school 18:00

– If you sit at the chair at the end of the lesson, you will attend and intelligence will be up.
– There are vending machines and shop inside the school, so you can purchase sweets and drinks.
– Since zombies occur every hour, please defeat zombies to protect classmates and teachers (number of occurrences can be changed)
Weapons are falling in front of the school gate and before the shop (bullets can be purchased additionally at the shop)
– Evaluation changes with each other by talking with classmates and teachers.
Even if you kill a zombie, it will be trusted within the school.

* Setting game

– Change BGM volume
– You can speed up the progress of the game time or proceed one hour later.
– People who dislike to see blood are BloodNG option disenable splash of blood by attacking.
– Change position : You can instantly move to various parts of the campus such as your own seat, shop, rooftop, pool etc.
– You can change costume, hairstyle, hair color, eyes color etc (You can also change your own locker in changing room)
– AXIS on the right analog pad of the game pad can be changed
– Set number of zombies occurring every hour (0-3/hour)

* Game pad recommended

In a smartphone with a USB host function, you can operate by connecting the game pad.
(If you can not operate the right analog pad well, try switching AXIS on the setup game)

* VR mode

Still developing ,you can test the VR mode. To operate the game pad connection is necessary.
When you set “VR On” on the setup game, the screen is divided into two left and right, so please set the smartphone to the VR headset.
Move the head and the camera viewpoint will be linked.
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 What's new
bug fix
*Added join club (Apply to leader)
*Can Ask her/him Out (your eval 50 exceed)
Can kiss with lover or Someone who loves you a lot
Can ride a bike with lover
*Added money item (Cauldron $20, pumpkin $10 will be sold to a school store clerk )
Can restore zombie classmate to human (use Cauldron)
Pumpkin to die when eating
There are 5 Cauldrons and 5 Pumpkins inside and around the school
*Added one person "follow me"
*Added HELP
Sorry if there were bugs I'll fix as soon as possible

Gameplay video

3.94/5 (8)

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