Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD

Download size: Adreno 281Mb | Tegra 317Mb | PowerVR 297Mb
Version: Adreno 1.0.1 | Tegra 1.0.2 | PowerVR 1.0.3
Requires Android: 2.2 & Up
Game may not work on new Android devices & versions

Currently, the world’s peace is at danger. Reconstruct the four pieces of Uryah’s Grail to acquire the supernatural abilities necessary to vanquish Amonbane, the evil lord who is the source of Lasgalen’s agony.
Ayden will have to make difficult choices in the battle against the evil Amonbane, but Princess Lyanora will support him all the way through. Will Ayden be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when the time comes to save the world?
Miya, on your steed and race over the fields of foes across the vast expanses of the kingdom. Launch deadly sword attacks. You’ll encounter various places and enemies throughout your quest.

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To finally confront Amonbane in the regal halls of Kivira Castle, defeat terrible creatures in the Plains of Urvale, battle giant foes in the chilly Temple of Altemagus, and escape the lava-filled Firepitch Keep.
Start your quest with nothing more than a basic sword and pick up new tools and skills as you go. You will soon be able to use the Sacred Shield, the Nagual Cobra (a grappling hook), the Locrian Hawk (a boomerang), and even the platinum Gauntlet of Brakor.
You will get access to new regions, new tactics, and greater danger with each new piece of equipment. They will even assist you in overcoming the numerous mysteries and difficulties you encounter.

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