Lineage Red Knights

Download size: 98Mb
Version: 1.1.89
Requires Android: 4.1 & Up
! Requires internet connection to play

Guild Wars and Fortress Battles have never been more fun! Fight other knights regardless of which servers they’re from!
Destroy the new raid boss Fafurion along with the newly added special Pet!
Enjoy the new server Pandora and the increased variety of Summonstones!
Equip your Pets with their own unique items and prepare for the rise!
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– NEW PLAYERS: Get free items worth 190 USD!
– RETURNING PLAYERS: Receive free items worth 330 USD and get back on track!
– NEW SERVER BENEFITS: Start fresh with an epic weapon and free items worth 250 USD! Enjoy a full 24 hours of Hot Time and other fun events!

■■■■■ Features ■■■■■

▶ Intriguing Stories and Cutscenes!
– The Death Knight is now on your side! Enemy monsters of Lineage are now recruitable allies!
– Follow the expansive storyline as hidden episodes unfold!

▶ Tight-knit Guilds and Communities!
– Straight from the masters of MMORPG since 1998!
– Enjoy diverse guild features!

▶ Massive, Fierce PvP Battles!
– Work together with your guild to conquer regions in Guild Wars!
– Take over enemy fortresses in Fortress Battles!
– Cooperate with your alliances in Siege War! (Coming soon)

▶ Endless Game Modes for You to Enjoy!
– Prove Your Strength in the 5 vs 5 Colosseum!
– Battle your way to the top of the Tower of Insolence!
– Slay the evil dragons Antharas and Fafurion!

▶ Dynamic Daily Events For Hours of Fun!
– Don’t miss Cusack’s bonus time!
– Discover the temples of gods in story stages!
– Clear daily dungeons and special dungeons for tons of rewards!

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 What's new
- New PvP Content 'Spire of Trials'
- A new speical pet 'Valcenne' added
- Fafurion set item added
- Max account level cap increased to 68

Gameplay video

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