Download size: 35Mb
Requires Android: 2.3 & Up


Inspired from Japanese horror masterpieces like “”Ju-On””, “”The Ring””, “”One Missed Call””, we present you a long-awaited horror room-escape game!
This game contains scary graphic, sound & effect you ever find on smartphones! Experience the fear that will stay in your mind all summer!
※This game contains scary effects and grotesque graphic, such as blood, etc which can cause trauma.
■■THE JUSOU Prologue■■
I am standing in front of an old house. I passed this certain house everyday on my way home.
Ten years ago, a family with a child stayed here for a while. After they moved out though, nobody has since lived there.
Maybe it`s just my imagination, but… I think i saw somebody inside the house recently.
It makes me curious…
So, as if possessed, I pass the gate and walk to the front of the house.
Fear is contagious…
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