Download size: 46Mb
Version: 1.21
Requires Android: 2.3 & Up


Join Douglas Chase as he digs up his backyard in search of treasures and fame!

Douglas Chase is a not so great archeologist working for a failing museum. He must dig up objects to save his job and the museum as well.
 Nigel the mummy will be out to get Douglas, but don’t worry, Nigel’s sense of direction is not so great (too many years buried in a tomb will do that), however if Nigel does touch your digging line, all heck will break loose!
Many more enemies will join Nigel so collect hats (magic hats of course!), that will help Douglas along his adventure digging deeper and deeper to the center of the earth…
Inspired by the arcade game “QiX”, Dig! is a fast paced game which requires quick changes of direction and strategy to dig out 75% of each level to complete. Different enemies will add to the difficulty however Nigel will always be close by, wandering around as he does. Collect artefacts for money to help the museum and to buy power-ups and hats. Collect exhibit pieces to put into the museum and earn a paycheck for Douglas.
Optimized for MOGA Controllers.

•Quick arcade action.
•Interesting areas to unearth.
•Power ups!
•Hats! (that give perks!)
•Unusual enemies; Nigel the mummy, moles with fezzes and many more!
•Artifacts to collect.
•Museum collections to find.
•Colorful 3D art.
•Great soundtrack.
•Appropriate for all ages.
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 What's new
14 new hats with new abilities!
- New HARD mode! After finishing, replay the game in this challenging mode with new enemy combinations!
- Moga and Moga Pro controller support added.
- Game powerups and economy rebalanced.
- "Zones" screen now allows you to go to any checkpoint you've unlocked
- Minor bugfixes
2.5/5 (2)

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