Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction HD

Download size: 211Mb
Version: 3.2.0
Requires Android: 2.1 & Up


Unleash the ferocious skills of renegade agent Sam Fisher.
Play as Sam Fisher, a highly competent Special Forces agent, and battle a dishonest hidden organization to get back your daughter. Follow an intriguing path that originates in Iraq and leads to a secure building in Washington. Run, jump, fight, shoot with a handgun, shotgun, AK47, bazooka, or stay undetected by making improvised cover with surrounding items. You are now a renegade espionage agent who only follows the regulations that apply to him/her.

Play through 11 stages that are located in 8 various places, from Malta to the White House.
Experience stunning depth of field and 3D graphics that have been upgraded for Android.
With the Mark & Execute function, you can mark several targets and swiftly take them out one at a time.
Your foes’ last known position lets you know where they believe you are, giving you the opportunity to surprise and kill them.
Take out adversaries in a single blow by sneaking up behind them undetected.
Projected texts explain the goals and direct you through the level.
Sam should find some cover so that he may evade hostile fire.

Engage in breathtaking hand-to-hand combat to defeat opponents, and question foes to learn vital details.
Ride a fast boat through a frenzied rail-shooting action.
Utilize a variety of tools and weapons to eliminate your adversaries. You have access to pistols, sonar goggles, and camera grenades.

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