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Download size: 99Mb
Version: 4.0
Requires Android: 2.3 & Up


The nomination for the excellence awards of 2016 Tencent GAD global independent game competition

In the orient, the ancient nation, a mystery boy took a dog to look for his lost memory just because of a diary. Feel the ancient tomb, the unknown civilization, and the Time Travel all in Endless~~

Game play:
——Horizontal scroll game with action, adventure, and puzzle features, a retro form of 2D sequence frame.

——It employs the split screens virtual control system that left screen is direction and right screen is action. When picking up items, the phone players can click it with fingers.

——Meticulous actions, convoluted riddles and fascinating story developed by unique scripts will lead the protagonist to advance with a dog, discover the story and get treasures.

——73 curios and 44 achievements await your challenge.

Media evaluation:
Once the game Limbo has brought us surprise, however, the story happens in somewhere far from us…and we are not the Limbo. We have our own stories, world, and methods.
— —DoNews

The game Endless is the only game nominated in Yunnan, and represents the approval and affirmation.
— —Tencent News

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Gameplay video

3.5/5 (2)


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