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Recently many people has been buzzing about TophTV and its popularity is growing very fast. With great power comes great responsibility and with great popularity comes, well… a lot of questions!

Many people are asking about ThopTV and there are a lot of different questions regarding it. Many people don’t even know what ThopTV is or whenever is it legal to use ThopTV apk or not. Don’t worry, I have spent days and I have gathered all the info you need about ThopTV, so I am going to answer all your questions!

ThopTV apk

Currently, ThopTV is available for Android devices only. As it is not available in Play Store for some reasons which I’ll mention later, you need to download ThopTV apk file and install it manually.

Apk stands for Android application Package and is only file format, extension used for Android apps or games. They are safe and used by Google Play and app developers.

ThopTV apk is free to download and safe to install, just make sure you’re using only official sources and websites to avoid misleading.

Download ThopTV

Now that you know what ThopTV is, you may want to download it on your Android device. You can easily download ThopTV apk from this page which has official Thop TV apk and install it on any Android device.

As ThopTV apk is updated frequently, you may need to download new apk each time an update is released.

Downloading ThopTV from Mega is safe, fast and easily and even thought Mega will offer its app, you don’t need Mega app to download Thop TV app on mobile.

ThopTV download and installation process is easily for any tech-savvy person, however if you aren’t one, don’t worry!

How to install ThopTV

Well, now that you already know everything about how to download ThopTV on Android, now its time for final step — installing ThopTV apk on your phone.

The first step for ThopTV installation is enabling unknown sources.

Navigate to Settings->Security and mark Unknown Sources so you can install apps outside Google Play Store.

Now you can install ThopTV apk. Just tap on it, review required permissions and click on Install. In few minutes, you have ThopTV installed in your phone!

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is free online streaming application for Android devices, developed in India. It lets you watch live Cricket, online movies, TV Shows and series. Even more, you can watch IPL live as well as see featured cards, upcoming matches and much more. You can even check live Cricket scores with ThopTV.

So, in other words, ThopTV is like Netflix but it is free and more optimized for India as it includes Hindi translations. Don’t worry, you its primary language is English.

ThopTV |

ThopTV Pros & Cons

ThopTV app is very popular and it has a lot of great functions and features that caused it to boom! I have listed some of the top features of ThopTV as well as some of the things we hate about ThopTV.


  • Free to use
  • Unlimited free streaming
  • Huge content library
  • Videos, movies, series, TV Shows
  • Premium services such as WWE network, Amazon Prime, Hulu…
  • High quality videos (HD or better)
  • Live cricket scores
  • IPL 2022
  • Nice UX with dark mode
  • Movies subtitles available
  • Movies in English and Hindi


  • Lots of ads
  • Too much updates
  • Frequent servers downs and link expire
  • Ads again! Too many ads, even during video playback
  • Ban in some countries and locations

What is ThopTV Pro

Now that you know what is Thop TV and how to download it on Android let’s get straight to one of the most confusing name — ThopTV Pro.

Many people thing that apart from free version of ThopTV there is also paid version which requires you to buy subscriptions to use ThopTV app and there is “pro” version of the app.

Well, there isn’t paid or pro version or ThopTV, there is only one app and that it. To put it simple, ThopTV Pro is just a name of free software and is exactly same as ThopTV. So there is not pro, lite, paid or other different versions.

ThopTV latest version & updates

For users who are already similar to ThopTV app it is known that the app was updated recently and it is major update.

As I mentioned above, ThopTV is frequently updated and there are new versions available literally every week. However, most of the times it is just some behind-the-scenes updates which doesn’t impact users as much and isn’t much noticeable.

However, this time, ThopTV recent update is major and includes important changes.

ThopTV update — what’s new

While there are some minor and less important updates, latest version includes built-in VPN and new random proxy servers. This was needed as the app was banned in India and some other locations due to copyright reasons.

With the new update, you can enable VPN in the app and continue using it even if you are in one of those restricted locations. VPN is free and chooses servers automatically, you shouldn’t have problem with video streaming delays.


As I said in the first line, there are countless of questions about ThopTV but I have researched well and I’ll answer all questions.

  1. Is ThopTV harmful?
    No, ThopTV is 100% safe and harmless app without viruses
  2. Is ThopTV working or not
    Well, there was some problems and issues but now ThopTV works just fine.
  3. Is ThopTV illegal to use?
    One of the biggest concern here when it comes to ThopTV is whenever is ThopTV illegal or legal to use. Short answer: no, it’s illegal to use
    But that still doesn’t means it is 100% legal to use. Let me explain.
    You definitely will not get your hands cuffed because you downloaded and uses ThopTV as it is not crime to use it. However as the app doesn’t have licenses for movies and it promotes online piracy, it has copyright claims and its banned often.
    So, yes, you can use ThopTV and you will not get arrested or fined but government just doesn’t like it…
  4. Can we download Movies from ThopTV?
    Unfortunately you can’t. ThopTV is streaming only app what means all content are available online for live stream only
  5. ThopTV alternatives?
    While there are many similar apps there are only few to consider as ThopTV alternatives: OreoTV, TeaTV, Netflix, Hulu, GDH sports, Flix TV, Terrarium TV, Showbox, Hotstar…
  6. Is ThopTV live cricket available in 2022?
    Yes, live cricket and IPL are available as well as live scores
  7. Is ThopTV Banned in India?
    Yes, recently Indian government banned ThopTV, however latest version ThopTV apk includes VPN to counter ban and it still works
  8. How To Download ThopTV?
    You can download ThopTV from official source, available on linked above
  9. What are ThopTV Top 3 features?
    – Free usage
    – TV Shows, cable TV, movies, cricket, sports
    – Good categories like Action movies, Hollywood movies, Netflix serials…
  10. Why is Thop TV server down?
    There are sometimes temporary issues, check again later or update app
  11. Is ThopTV mod available for downlead?
    No, ThopTV doesn’t need any mod apk as it is already free and unlimited


Thop TV is really good app for many reasons, except for one — copyright issues. But as it is 100% free to use that is something we can’t get over. ThopTV is monetized with ads, however that will not be enough to buy licenses for all the content it has.

In this article I give detailed information, guide and other resources about ThopTV. It is up to use whenever you’ll use it or not. If you have any additional questions about Thop TV comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.