Short tutorial

Open APK to install it, if you are installing APK first time go to Settings, security and mark unknown sources.

If game has cache too first install APK(don’t open), then decompress Cache archive and move cache to destination location. Then launch APK and play !

If you don’t understand how to install games on Android then read below more easy and detailed instructions

How to install APK

Android apps & games extension is .apk which stands for Android Application Package. To install Android game, simply you need to install APK, just try to open APK and APK installer will launch.
If you are installing APK first time on your device you will see message like “For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Google Play Store”, don’t worry, just ignore this warning, go to settings, security and mark unknown sources. After this is done, you will be able to install APK normally
*Depending on your phone system and language, there may be other text equal to “unknown sources”.

How to install game with Cache

Android games are in APK format but APK has size limit and isn’t suitable for games over 100Mb. That’s why developers use Cache, also known as Data or Obb.
Cache is one folder containing other folder(s) and file(s). If game has cache, you need download both, APK and Cache.
First install APK(but don’t launch), then unpack(decompress) compressed Cache archive and move folder to destination location. Usually destination location is Android/obb or Android/data folder.
Every game with cache has “Way for cache” which tells you destination location for the game. If you didn’t find obb folder in Android folder, it’s ok, just create obb folder yourself.
Please note: Android folder is located on SD card(internal storage of device, not external microSD card like SanDisk microSD cards)
For easy and fast unpack(decompress) of Cache(Zip, Rar… archives) on Android we recommend Zarchiver